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Embark on a personalized journey of luxury and discovery with our exclusive Luxury Tanzania Safari Tours. Immerse yourself in the untouched beauty of Tanzania’s iconic national parks while indulging in lavish accommodations that offer both comfort and breathtaking views. Led by experienced guides, encounter the wonders of the wild, from the Great Migration in the Serengeti to the vibrant Ngorongoro Crater. Your every desire will be catered to, ensuring an unforgettable and tailor-made safari adventure. 

5 Days

Tanzania Classic Safari

From $ 1,780 per person sharing


  • Explore a thriving caldera with diverse wildlife.
  • See the “Big Five” and more with expert guides

Destinations Visited:

Serengeti, Ngorongoro & Tarangire

9 Days

Tanzania & Kenya Safari

From $ 4,750 per person sharing


  • Out of Africa wildlife Experience.
  • See the “Big Five” and more with expert guides

Destinations Visited:

Masai Mara, Lake Naivasha, Amboseli, Lake Manyara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro & Arusha
11 Days

Tanzania Safari & Zanzibar Holiday

From $ 3,342 per person sharing


  • Relax on pristine white sands and swim in turquoise waters.
  • Witness the Great Migration and diverse animal life.

Destinations Visited:

Arusha, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro, Serengeti & Zanzibar
10 Days

Tanzania Cultural & Wildlife Safari

From $ 4,529 per person sharing


  • Visit the Hadzabe and Datogatribe tribes to experience their unique way of life.
  • Witness the Great Migration and diverse animal life.

Destinations Visited:

Arusha, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro, Serengeti & Tarangire

Things to Do in Tanzania

Tanzania, a land of incredible diversity and natural beauty, beckons adventurers, nature enthusiasts, and culture aficionados from around the globe. From the sprawling plains of the Serengeti to the stunning shores of Zanzibar, this East African gem offers a plethora of unique experiences that promise to leave a lasting imprint on your heart and soul. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the top things to do in Tanzania, ensuring that your journey to this captivating destination is nothing short of extraordinary. 

1. Exploring the Serengeti: Witness the Great Migration

The Serengeti National Park is synonymous with one of the world’s most awe-inspiring natural events – the Great Migration. Every year, millions of wildebeests, zebras, and gazelles embark on a remarkable journey across the plains in search of greener pastures. This incredible spectacle, where predators and prey interact in a timeless dance of survival, is a true testament to the wonders of the natural world. Joining a guided safari will allow you to witness this phenomenon up close and personal, providing you with unparalleled photographic opportunities and unforgettable memories. 

2. Conquering Mount Kilimanjaro: The Roof of Africa.

For the adventure seekers and thrill enthusiasts, a trek up Mount Kilimanjaro is a must-do experience. As the highest peak in Africa, summiting Kilimanjaro is a feat that promises a profound sense of accomplishment. The journey takes you through diverse landscapes, from lush rainforests to alpine deserts, and finally, to the iconic snow-capped peak. Whether you’re an experienced mountaineer or a novice hiker, with determination and the right guidance, reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro will undoubtedly be a highlight of your Tanzanian adventure. 

3. Serenity and Culture in Zanzibar.

Stepping onto the enchanting island of Zanzibar is like entering a world of its own – a world adorned with pristine white beaches, turquoise waters, and a rich cultural heritage. Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers a glimpse into the island’s history, with its labyrinthine streets, ornate doors, and bustling markets. When you’re not exploring the town’s nooks and crannies, indulge in some leisurely beach time, snorkel in the vibrant coral reefs, or embark on a spice tour to uncover the secrets behind Zanzibar’s nickname, the “Spice Island.” 

4. Wildlife Encounters in Ngorongoro Crater .

Another natural wonder of Tanzania is the Ngorongoro Crater, often referred to as the “Garden of Eden.” This expansive caldera is home to a thriving ecosystem of wildlife, including the “Big Five” – lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards, and rhinos. Descending into the crater is like stepping into an African paradise where you can observe these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. A guided game drive through the crater’s floor offers an unparalleled opportunity to witness the circle of life in action and capture breathtaking images of animals against the backdrop of the crater’s walls. 

5. Immersing in Maasai Culture.

To truly understand the essence of Tanzania, engaging with its indigenous cultures is essential. The Maasai people, known for their vibrant clothing, unique customs, and traditional way of life, provide an authentic cultural experience. Visiting a Maasai village offers insight into their pastoral lifestyle, complete with traditional dances, crafts, and even the chance to participate in their daily activities. This immersive encounter fosters cross-cultural understanding and leaves you with a profound appreciation for the resilience and traditions of the Maasai people. 

In conclusion, Tanzania stands as a realm of unparalleled experiences, where the natural world and cultural heritage intertwine to create a tapestry of wonder. From the breathtaking spectacle of the Great Migration in the Serengeti to the serene beaches of Zanzibar, the majestic wildlife in Ngorongoro Crater to the immersive Maasai encounters, and the historical ruins of Kilwa Kisiwani – Tanzania offers an adventure that transcends ordinary travel. So, whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast, an intrepid explorer, a history buff, or a seeker of cultural immersion, this East African gem promises a journey of a lifetime that will forever resonate in your heart and mind. 

Best Time to Visit Tanzania.

Undoubtedly, the dry season stands out as the best time to visit Tanzania’s wildlife wonders. Lasting from June to October, this period showcases clear skies, cooler temperatures, and minimal rainfall, creating an ideal environment for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. The iconic Serengeti National Park comes alive during these months, hosting the mesmerizing Great Migration from June to August. Witness thousands of wildebeests and zebras embark on their epic journey across the plains, an awe-inspiring spectacle that defines the Tanzanian safari experience. 

For those seeking a slightly quieter ambiance while still enjoying favorable weather, the short dry season, spanning January to February, offers a delightful compromise. Wildlife viewing remains excellent, and you can relish the enchanting landscapes without the peak tourist crowds. 

While the wet season may deter some travelers, it presents its own unique allure. From November to December and March to May, Tanzania transforms into a lush, green paradise. While some lodges and areas may be inaccessible due to heavy rainfall, this period offers an opportunity to witness the country’s rejuvenation. Fewer tourists mean a more intimate connection with nature, and the verdant landscapes provide a stunning backdrop for photography and exploration.

Climbing enthusiasts aiming to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro should plan their ascent during January to February or September to October. During these months, the weather is relatively dry and stable, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable experience.

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